Project Y

Crazy dog writing code for fun

Does the code hilite work?


this is gonna be some php code ready fools?

and this should be javascript

ProcessButton= new Class({

	Extends : Widget.Button,

	initialize : function(element, click, options) {

		this.parent(element, click);

		this.options = $extend({

			ready : 'btn.add',

			processing : 'btn.close',

			done : 'btn.done'




	setState : function(state, text) {

		this._setText(state, text);


	_setText : function(state, text) {

		this.state = state;

		if (text) this.options[this.state] = text;



	click : function() {

		if (this.state == ProcessButton.States.done) return;

		var states = ProcessButton.States;

		this._setText(states[((this.state == states.ready)?'processing':'ready')]);



	done : function() {



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I was gonna do some coding…


But then i got HIGH. damn everytime they leave that stuff out i get all messed up when i’m home alone. That’s not healthy dog!!! put that shit away so i don’t end up like this:

I mean do you see the face dude?

Look at those eyes man:

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