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Crazy dog writing code for fun

PHP Developer (Pasadena)


Growing solar company is looking to hire a project-based PHP Developer. The PHP Developer will be responsible for maintenance and modification of the company website.
Specific responsibilities include:
– Develop and program code to meet business ne […]

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2014 Infiniti SYNAPTIQ Concept


In the year 2029, INFINITI sponsors its’ own team triathlon called the A.R.C. race. The Air, Rally, Circuit race utilizes a universal fuselage pod that can integrate into three vehicle …

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.: (Junior & Senior) Backend Engineer (PHP) :. @ TVGla (Los Angeles, CA)


.: Who We Are :.
TVGla, , is a digital creative and marketing agency on the cutting edge of online creative and technical development. We concept, build and design websites, online advertising and digital applications for clients such as M […]

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It’s my birthday!!


K everyone take the day off, quit your programming for the day and come celebrate by BIRTHDAY!!!!

I shall get drunk, HIIII, and party all day!!!!

Later fools.

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I’m back


So i know i’ve been bad lately… Didn’t do much posting but you know the freaking holidays the new year and all of that crap that you human do? exactly i have to take care of my boss when he shows up all messed up from partying to I don’t have much time to post on this. Anyway I was freaking bored today since my bro willy is out for a few days and I figure i’d look for some weird shit online. So if you are curiuos do it foo you know you want to!.

I’ll try to upate more often now i’ve been messing around with flex a bunch and i think my boss is gonna let me show some of it. Now it’s nap time yo.

nap time yo

nap time yo

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This is how you do it!!


In case you haven’t seen it this is how I roll with my buddies down at the skate park mauhahaha.

Berlusconi suck on my “Coioni”!!!!


K be ready coz this is gonna be a big nasty one. Last night my boss was pissed so i’m like “Yo wanna get hi?”. He looks at me like “dudeeee you have no idea what i just read”. So i jump on the couch and look at what he was doing and I read about this dude “Berlusconi” the italian prime minister calling Obama a “Young handsome guy with a great Tan”. I’m like oh shit immigrant is gonna go file is citizenship paperwork now. All i have to say to that motherfucker (i told you it was gonna be nasty) you are not only as fucked up if not more than your buddy Bush but racist people like you should fucking go to hell and get fucked in the ass for the remainder of their life.


We did get hi btw :)

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Guess what I found!!!


So this morning I’m walking with the boss we take this walk a few blocks down and we walk by Fred Segal on 5th and Broadway in Santa Monica. So i’m walking down the alley and I start smelling something gooooodddd, something i’m really familiar with.. As i get closer I start thinking about Afroman, dude next thing i know I got my nose on a bag of Ganjaaaaa. Check it out:



I’m so good dudeeeee:

Medical shit yo know!!

It's medical shit yo!

And guess what day it is?
Peace jealous bastards!

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So my buddy Obama did it!


My Boss was about to move out of the country man. I’m so glad we didn’t have to pack our shit and we can stay here another 4 years. Now let’s see if that change is really gonna work. I did tell peeps to go make a change and they did it. Now you better to your part or i’m gonna come bite your ass :).

No much coding lately just fixing shit for my boss so soon i’ll do something… problem is that during winter i get really really really sleepy.

Wesside to everyone.

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I’ve been LAZY!!!!


Here a come back after a while of being idle from this. Really I don’t have much to say beside that lately i’ve been baking a lot with my boss. I’m kind of chubby too so I think i’m gonna go work out now. I’m working on some bad ass code but unfortunatelly this is one of the kind I can’t share with u humans. It’s for dog use only.

Btw what the hell is all the debate at mootools groups? I thought the presidential one was enough.

Peace now!

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