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Lucien Clarke for LV and adidas in Sicily. August 30, 2020. Mostly Skateboarding Podcast

This week on the show, Patrick Kigongo, Mike Munzenrider, and Jason From Frozen In Carbonite are talking about Lucien Clarke's new shoe for Louis Vitton and the adidas trip to Sicily. Listen below and subscribe in iTunes or Spotify.

Anthony Huber
Lucien modeling for LV
Fashion Judgement Day for Quartersnacks
John Drake on Instagram
Lupe Fiasco Kick Push
John Cardiel in Sight Unseen
Gonz on BS With TG
Pepe Martinez photo
Stevie's Love line in adidas
Nike Choad
Gino Iannucci in Triology
Lavar McBride, Switch Crook at Hubba
Rich Howard in Goldfish (no audio, major bummer)
Channy Jeanguenin in Genisis
60/40 Compilation from Anthony Papalardo. 
Gonz and Pat Duffy's mid air collision in Europe

This week, Jason is stoked on Ventue Trucks and their San Francisco Moves edit, the NBA Strike, and J.P. Souza's new part
Patrick is stoked on Jazmine Huges' essay “OG STYLE 43 LX SNEAKERS” aka The Summer of No Fear, Spitfire Wheels, WNBA, NBA, MLS, and MLB's wildcat strike.

Find Jason on Twitter @carbonite1994 and on Instagram @frozenincarbonite and writing for Quartersnacks.
Find Patrick on Twitter @ColonelKSpeaks and on Instagram @PKigongo.
Find Mike on Twitter @mmunzenrider and on Instagram @mmunzenrider.
Find Templeton on Twitter @MostlySkate and on Instagram @mostlyskateboarding.

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Stop buying breakable phones. Rugged phones are cool now, and they don’t need a case – CNET

Phones that are rugged and waterproof -- even without a case -- should be the new normal.
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iPhone 11 and 11 Pro might secretly be waterproof: Results of our water test – CNET

Both phones are water resistant but in our extreme water test, we weren't able to drown the iPhone 11 or 11 Pro.
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iPhone SE vs. Pixel 4A: Apple and Google’s 2020 budget phones, compared – CNET

CNET compares budget smartphones from Apple and Google to determine which device has the best camera, design, software, performance and battery life.
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All the best apps for drawing on your iPad – CNET

From Procreate's blank canvas to creative coloring books, these iPad drawing apps will unleash your inner digital artist.
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Tweet honoring actor Chadwick Boseman becomes most-liked Twitter post ever – CNET

"A tribute fit for a king."
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Chadwick Boseman, star of Black Panther, dead at 43: ‘A king on and off screen’ – CNET

The Russo brothers, Chris Evans, Marvel Studios, DC Comics and many others honor the actor, who died after a four-year fight with colon cancer.
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China on TikTok sale: Not so fast – CNET

Chinese officials change their rules on exporting technology, a move that could complicate a potential TikTok sale to a US company, says a report.
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Tenet review: Christopher Nolan’s new time-twister can’t top Inception – CNET

Spoiler-free: Nolan's new one races to beat the clock and coronavirus, but it's not his best.
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Add a voice-controlled LED light strip to your home for $19 – CNET

That's for a 16-footer; a 65-foot strip kit is on sale as well.
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