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Weekly Link Round-Up

Models of shacks made from digital photos.
Chris Miller has an online zine called Positive Instincts. Via: NY Skateboarding.
Photo essay about sketchy Russian cable cars.
Hank's bus conversion Via: Le Container.
Puffed cereal technology history. Via: Kottke.

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Belle & Sebastian's new album Third Eye Centre
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Dingus Collective


Coming from Boston with plenty of gritty, crusty spots and a bunch of good dudes, Dingus Collective is a rad new full length that is online right now.
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2013 Peugeot 308 R Concept


Pure and sleek, the new Peugeot 308 is transformed into an ultra-sporty concept car with refined design of the highest quality. Its bodywork bears the hallmarks of sportiness and innovates…

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Tassies Finest


Australia's Tasmania plays host to the boys from the Tassies Finest montage. Pretty heavy shit from George Simmonds, Ben Smith, Chris "Dix" Smith, Jason Morey, Rashed Ateem, Nathan Mason, Laif Johannesen and filmer James James himself.
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New Venue Teaser


Venue Skateshop in Richmond has a new teaser for their video, Old Dominion. The video premieres this Friday in Richmond for free. Get all the details here.
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Maxime Geronzi Web Part


Maxime Geronzi's new web part gets good at about the 1:37 mark and just keeps getting better from there. Lots of cool Euro spots and well selected tricks.
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The Mostly Skateboarding Podcast

Since today is the 8th anniversary of the start of this blog I thought it was a good time to launch the Mostly Skateboarding Podcast. Each episode will feature a skater, filmer, photographer, or other skate industry person telling a story. I always liked riding around listening to everyone's stories when we where going out to skate. I wanted to bring those stories out of the small audience of the car and to the masses. 

Right now the Pilot episode is up. It features Kevin Wilkins, the Editor of The Skateboard Mag. This was recorded and edited back in January so the recommendation is a bit dated, but I still highly recommend the video Megamix

I have a few more episodes recorded and edited but I'm waiting to get one more really awesome story for the first episode. That is in the works and hopefully will happen soon. Please subscribe and let me know what you think. There is a new contact button on the right if you want to email me. You can always tweet at me or hit me up on Facebook, but email is where you are likely to get the quickest response. 
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Aaron Lister For Zoo York Australia


Zoo York Australia seems like a misnomer, but it is a real thing, and Aaron Lister is the latest to get on board. Check the welcome video and enjoy the Belle & Sebastian soundtrack. Via: SBA.
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Online Wholesale – Retail eCommerce Product Manager (Downtown Los Angeles)


A leading distributor and
retailer of decorative Kitchen & Bath Faucets and Accessories has an
immediate opening. With sales throughout the US and internationally, including
Amazon, eBay,,, Overstock and more, Plumbing Overstock […]

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Let It Roll Throwaway


Here is a throwaway montage from the New Zealanders working on Let It Roll.
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