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Senior PHP Developer Needed (Las Vegas)

Established company with existing design and programming department needs experienced and well seasoned professional Object Oriented PHP and Javascript developer for full time permanent work. Must be willing to relocate or commute during the week in Las Vegas. Four day work week is optional if you commute. New website projects and development/changes will be ongoing.

Must be able to program in an object oriented environment with efficiency and know how to work confidently with Mysql and SQL statements. Must also be a self starter that can work well with others in the IT staff. We use the MVC model when developing with PHP so you must be able to work with Zend Framework.


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
5+ years of extensive experience with PHP5+ and MySQL5+
5+ years of experience with HTML/XHTML and CSS
3+ years of experience with Javascript
Experience with JavaScript Frameworks such as JQuery
Zend Framework
Experience using Subversion
Experience with XML

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Google blames software update for lost Gmail data

Internet giant says a bug introduced during a storage software update caused some users to lose access to their e-mail account, but the company says it is working to restore the data.
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programmer (Calabasas, CA)

Please Note: This is a full time, on site programming job. You must work full time at our office in Calabasas, CA. We are NOT interested in telecommuters or people who want to work from home and we are NOT interested in outsourcing our programming work to a company.

Personal (just a dream):

Workaholic – likes to be near the computer 20 hours of the day, and loving it.

When off the computer, your mind is thinking about programming and what next you're going to do when near the computer again in a few hours.


Know your way in the Unix/Linux OS, and 3 or more years of experience with MySQL and PHP is required.

Good knowledge and abilities in HTML/CSS/Javascript

A plus is other computer languages like Action-Script, Perl, and C.

Another plus is network/sys admin skills.


Some computer science education. Work experience with large traffic sites

A plus is work experience in the dating or social network area.

Job description:

Will help chief programmer on all tasks.
My chief programmer would be the one to interview you. He requested that you answer the following: 1-The job involves maintaining and development of a dating website which is not adult. But unrelated adult sites are worked on by other people in the office. Do you have any problem with that?
2. If you are located more than a 50 minute drive to the office in Calabasas, do you think you will relocate?
3. The job requires a good knowledge of PHP and MySQL. It requires experience working with master/slave servers and doing MySQL administration jobs. Do you have PHP and MySQL experience? If you do not have PHP and MySQL experience it will become clear very soon, probably in the interview. So please be honest in your answer about your PHP and MySQL experience or lack of it to avoid wasting anyone's time, including your own.
If your responses to the questions above lead us to believe that you could be a good fit, we will want you to come to Calabasa for an interview where we can see how closely your skill set matches what we need and test your ability to solve logical problems and to work in a social environment. We will be in the office Monday to Thursday all of March and we can take interviews from about 10:30am to 11:30am. The interviews are usually 40 minutes in length. Please send your replies to the questions above in your application reply.
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Junior PHP developer / Web Layout Designer

2 positions open:
1 Junior PHP developer
1 Web layout designer,
PLEASE NO RECRUITERS, only direct applicants

A fast growing company with multiple locations Nationwide, looking for a team players,
We are looking for Junior PHP developer(at least 1-2 year knowledge of php) and Web site designer familiar with CSS, javascript

Great company benefits, 401k, full health, dental, vision insurance, please submit resumes

Please Email resumes
This is for a full time position
No contract or telecommuting.
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Google surprises GDC attendees with free notebooks

Some lucky Game Developer Conference attendees who sat through an hour of Google's presentations walked away with free laptops running Chrome OS.
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Entrepreneurial Position (Home Office)

My company has a joint venture position open for one individual highly skilled in internet marketing (television infomercial marketing can be possible with future cash flow). Must have a successful track record and be self disciplined to work on your own. My company products are real estate related and are designed to make buyers, sellers, Realtors, and home owners much wiser investors. My information kits (called Hot Paks and Turbo Paks) sell from $18 to $99 and there are millions of potential customers. Your job will be to utilize all of your knowledge and skills to create a customer base in the U.S. and Canada, Your compensation will be an equity position in the company - the right person can rock the world and make more money in the next 3 to 5 years than you could ever make working as an employee for the rest of your life. If you can think big, have a strong desire to become financially independent in the next 3 to 5 years (a little real estate knowledge is not required but would be helpful to you), and know how to take a product to the internet or television infomercial marketplace, I would like to hear from you.
The information that you will be marketing has the potential to save the customer thousands of dollars on their next real estate transaction. This information is not hype, but rather simple straight forward information that is easy to understand. I supply the substance and you supply the sizzle!
Since this is a joint venture position I am not concerned with where you went to school, or even if you have a degree. I really do not care where you have been employed, because I am not looking for someone with an employee mentality seeking a job. This position is not a job, but rather a life changing career opportunity. If you can show me a track record where you have made hundreds of thousands, or even millions in marketing a product or service, I would sincerely like to hear from you.
The following duty highlights are just some of the professional items you should be familiar with;
• Website optimization for search engines: HTML, site structure (T&D, H1's etc), and page layout issues
• Identify and implement strategies for increasing traffic through organic search listings without creating the risk of being blacklisted
• Conducting research and reports on key developments and industry news
• Research and resolve link architecture, HTML code, and content and navigation issues
• Assist in layout of web pages when needed
• Tracking and Reporting of all SEO activities
• Continually monitor organic search rankings to maximize traffic and sales
• Analyze website strategies and translate anecdotal or qualitative data into recommendations and plans for revising the strategies
• Create and review daily, weekly, and monthly sales reports

A resume is really not necessary here, please just tell me where and how you have been successful with your current or previous internet or television infomercial marketing efforts and involvement's. Company names and contacts will also be helpful.
You will need to believe in yourself and the product as well, now go take on the world.
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Penthouse rolls out first all-3D porn channel

We interrupt your watching of cute cat videos to report that Penthouse is launching an all-3D TV satellite service in Europe tomorrow. No word on what kind of technology it will use.
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States in CO2 pact invest $404 million in efficiency

Most of the proceeds from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative have gone to programs that aim to cut energy demand, foster the growth of alternative energy, and help the poor pay energy bills.
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PHP Developer Needed (Culver City)

We are a web development company located in downtown Culver City looking for an hourly-based PHP developer with experience in Wordpress customization and plugin development.

Please include links to wordpress sites you've built and examples of plugin code you've written and a history of your hourly rates.

We are located at Hughes Ave. and Washington Blvd. A portion of the work will require coming into the office.
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Atlantic Records wants to redefine music-label sites

February28 is now a place where visitors can tap into memorabilia, learn what its like to discover a music artist, and become another touch point with their favorite artists.
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