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Seeking CakePHP developer to help get startup website to launch (Santa Monica)

Seeking CakePHP developer to help get startup website to launch

We are a seed stage company with a new model to connect independent wellness
professionals (personal trainers, massage therapists) with health-conscious consumers, in
a combination social networking and ecommerce platform.

The foundation for our product was built from the ground up using the CakePHP
framework, however we still have several crucial elements left to complete.

We’re seeking a local SoCal developer (or possibly a small team) who can get up to
speed on our existing code base and then get the product ready for our Beta launch.

Three areas of note that need to be built out:
- custom payment processing system
- search functionality that will include options for city/state/zip code radius
- user generated reviews

The additional work we have and how it all ties together with the existing code base can
be explained in more detail for interested candidates.

As a startup we’re looking for someone who’s not just motivated but also easy going
and willing to roll with the punches as we fine tune the site and get ready to test our
functionality out in the real world.

We’re estimating around two months of work and would mostly likely work out payment
on a per-milestone basis.

Preferred Skills and Experience
- CakePHP, MySQL, AJAX (jQuery)
- Payment processing
- Social media API integration
- Google Maps API integration
- Degree in Computer Science
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Blekko launches the biased search engine

Tired of generic search results? Blekko's engine and philosophy really is different.
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Facebook app developers sold user info

Social-networking giant announces it has discovered that a data broker was buying identifying user information from app developers.
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Software Engineer (Ventura)

Connexity is looking for 1 or 2 talented, highly motivated software engineers and web developers to build the next-generation online advertising platform. Our architecture is unique and our software stack purposefully diverse. We are looking for applicants with 5-15 years of practical, hands-on experience in C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, NoSQL, map/reduce, machine learning, Ajax, nginx, SQL, and the development of distributed enterprise systems. Our ideal applicant possesses significant experience across a broad range of skills and applications. We are looking for talented generalists -- we are using a number of cool tools in creative ways.

Online advertising experience is a big plus. Prior experience working at start ups or small businesses is a plus.

About Connexity:

Connexity is an interactive advertising platform from the founding CEO of Fastclick. Connexity is introducing advertisers and publishers to audience networking and cross-channel connectivity. Connexity applies social networking architecture, recommendation engine learning, and best-of-breed targeting & optimization technology to media representation and media buying. Online Advertising is one of the fastest growing businesses on the Internet today, with $40 billion of a $600 billion global advertising market already online.

Connexity is an employee-owned company based in Ventura. We offer excellent benefits including ownership in our income-generating LLC. We maintain a flexible, casual and fun work environment to foster creativity and maximize productivity of our dedicated professionals. Compensation is commensurate with talent, experience and potential. Our team consists of passionate professionals that are committed to doing the best they can every day. We succeed as a team--a collection of bright people working together toward a common goal. Nothing else is more rewarding at the end of the day.

Work at Connexity is fun, fast-paced, and open-ended with a strong entrepreneurial emphasis. We are always looking for people who are enthusiastic, energetic, self-motivated, and who appreciate having control over their destiny.

No phone calls or third party applications, please. In general, only affirmative responses will be provided.
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Windells 6, 2010: Snowboarding


Windells 6, 2010: Snowboarding

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Documentary video on Digital Life, on-camera participant wanted (Greater Los Angeles)

Documentary video on New Media Use:
We are looking for the people who are using new digital devices and other digital services, can show its latest usage, can expertize it, for documentary video which introduce new media use.

Looking for;

- Google TV or FIOS TV owner
a person or a couple who has Sony Internet TV with Google TV, or Google TV box and uses it. We would like to videotape at your house how you use it and interview to you.
Using FACEBOOK and TWITTER on TV screen for chatting watching your favorite TV program is required scene.

- FIOS TV owner
the same as Google TV owner. Using FACEBOOK and TWITTER on TV screen is required.

- Heavy user of Yelp(on cell), and other AR service、AR tug and on-cellular phone-car navigator with voice
College couple or couple in 18 ~ early 20s

-Pandora Radio use at one's home office
30s or 40s male, Graphic Designer or related job, Enjoys Pandra Radio at you home office.
We would like to videotape at your home office, your job, Pandra Radio use and interview.

- ROKU box user
Person who has ROKU box and watches VIMEO.
We would like to videotape you watching VIMEO and interview to you how you use enjoy personalized video viewing.

Other Info.
- $50 in cash payment
- Sometime between 11/4 ~11/9
- For several hours
- Shown only in Japan , no distribution

If you need more information and have any questions, please contact Mika office 310-325-1111, cell 310-433-2243 or e-mail Thank you.
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Star Trek’s Enterprise now has an owner’s manual

Haynes, a company famous for producing car manuals, releases an owner's manual for the USS Enterprise. It follows the evolution of the different starships and will surely be a wonderful Christmas gift.
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Repairs complete, shuttle countdown begins

Engineers successfully repair suspect pressurization fittings and started the shuttle Discovery's countdown for a Wednesday launch to the International Space Station.
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How Google stops you hiding your location

Places Search is another step for Google to deliver location based services. You cannot, however, turn off location-based customization. Google claims your search results won't be "high quality" if you do.
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Windells 5, 2010: Snowboarding


Windells 5, 2010: Snowboarding

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