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Demigo Software Engineer (we’ll pay a $5,000 relocation bonus!) (San Francisco Bay Area, CA)


Are you good at building web scrapers? If so, we’ll hire you, especially if you’re willing to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area. :)

To apply, please answer the following question:

Using write a program (in the language of your choice) that retrieves every major league team’s season record since 1900. Have your program output the data in a CSV format where each line is a team year of the following pattern “,,,”. Order of teams and years does not matter, but there should be no duplicates.


Boston Red Sox,2008,95,67

Boston Red Sox,2007,96,66

Please email the answer, the source code, and about how long it took you to Thank you.


If we hire you, we will provide the following:

* Generous cash salary and stock options

* Other benefits, including health insurance

* A new MacBook Pro, a 30″ monitor, an iPhone, and anything else you need to get started

* $5,000 signing/relocation bonus

More about Demigo:

Demigo is a venture-backed consumer internet startup in the mobile space. We recently closed our Series A round of financing. Our founding team from Stanford has built several successful web applications in the past two years that have reached tens of millions of users, and we expect this one to be even bigger! We have a superstar team of 6 engineers. Our office is located in downtown Palo Alto.

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