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1 Trillion Dollars muahahahah!!!!


Dudeeee, the human says all the times “It’s either 0 or 1 Zo, pick one!” but fuck man that’s a lot of zeros. So here I am sitting on the floor with my human, it’s one of those Thursday nights when we “bake”, if you know what i mean, any way what was I saying??? “I was gonna blog for a while.. but then I got HI”. Oh yeahhhhh. So ew are watching for the 3rd mothe@#$ng time Bush talking about his genius idea of pocketing another 700 Billions. I’m getting worried about you humans. I mean come on!!!. First he went to war and waisted over 500 Billion to help his family to make some oil monies now he wan’t another 700 billions so that he can make sure some his investments won’t get fucked and screw this country one more time before he’s gone. Damn fools. WAKE UP!!! Let’s say he only spent 300 billions on the war (to be nice to the fucker). That’s 1 Trillion dollars dude.  Well i’m just a dog no one is gonna listen anyway!!

Oh yeah i know I haven’t posted the code for the timer but i’ve been catching up on sleep..
Pizza time piss off now!

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