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End of the world!!!!!


So I was taking a nap on my boss lap while we was working on some stuff and I picked at his code (that’s how i learn you know). So he was messing around with a countdown for his website. I figure I help him out since he didn’t seem like he was having fun with that. I gave him an ice cream told him to rub my back while i crack it out. So i’m working on this thing and I remember about this bunch of freaks that believe on 2012 (End of the world

So I thought let’s make the countdown for those freaks maybe they should have it on their website..

Title: Countdown
Description: for Mootools

I was hoping mootools had a countdown already but none of what I found was really what i was looking for.

K pissing time now. L8z

ps: code to come soon.

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